"Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable."

Take a broken girl, treat her like a famous princess, give her the best seats in the house. Tell her something true when all she's known are lies. Tell her about forgiveness, the possibility of freedom, tell her she was made to dance in white dresses. All these things are true.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This song goes out to my good friends.

Why did I start a blog? Why not? It can help you out when you need to get something off your chest or when there's something you need to say to someone but you're too afraid to do just so. Even when you've had the worst day of your life and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and die. When you've had a break up or when your best friend and yourself have had a huge fight. Blogs are what make and keep people sane...I my dear friends are one of them. I may not write as much as I would like, but I write whenever I need to distract myself. So. It is officially Thanksgiving, so happy thanksgiving fool.
I was reading my friends blog around five minutes ago. I love this chick even though we've never actually met, I still love her. I can't say hate, because I actually don't really hate anything, so I'll use the word Dislike, so I dislike some things in it...not all of it, but just some things. *sighs* Penguin...If you read this remember...Panda loves you.
I went to the mall today to get a new jacket because I had a fifty percent off coupon for being one of the first ones to het a HT+1 card. Woot woot Go Heather! =D So anyways, I got a new Jacket...It has Jacob's dreamcatcher on the front and it says 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' on it and it has a picture of Jacob on the back. It's brown...not black... SHOCKER! and I got a Harry Potter beanie. It has the Hogwarts Crest on one side and the other side it has the dark mark..It's Reversible FWI.
Colorado is coming up. I can't decide if I'm more excited or worried. I'm excited about going and seeing snow, but I'm worried about the plane crashing because those have been happening alot lately. If the plane does crash...I hope I'm not alive when it catches on fire if it does. I'm so scared about it crashing..Tell me...Am I just paranoid or do I really have something to worry about?
I should be getting to bed...It's already 12.13 in the morning...I have to make cornbread for the party tomorrow at my aunt's house.
Christmas is coming up!!! I GET MY HARRY POTTER BOOKS ON CHRISTMAS!!!!I'm so excited!!! YAY!
Goodnight now. (:

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