"Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable."

Take a broken girl, treat her like a famous princess, give her the best seats in the house. Tell her something true when all she's known are lies. Tell her about forgiveness, the possibility of freedom, tell her she was made to dance in white dresses. All these things are true.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

With a little love and some tenderness...

Okay, so....It is July 14th at 8.44 in the morning. I haven't slept yet because I made the mistake of drinking a coke at like 10 at night. NOT the brightest idea I've had in the past two days, but oh well. So I was on youtube for most of the night watching videos by Kristina Horner on five awesome girls. You can check her and everyone else out at www.youtube.com/fiveawesomegirls and her personal youtube is www.youtube.com/italktosnakes. Anyways, she's pretty much the reason why I started to blog and whatnot. She entertains me, and from what Josh informed me she's hot too. That boy entertains me when I talk to him. Oh, and he just informed me that my blog was lame. I'm listening to Hold my Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish from their album Cracked Rear View. I've listened to them since at least I was 5. Rolling through the Hungarian border when I was five I was singing Let her Cry by them and i've just loved them for so long. It's weird. So, Mama told me that if I got a job and enough money saved up to buy tickets and whatnot then she would take me to Wrockstock the third in St. Louis Missouri but seeing as I don't have a job OR money that seems to not be happening. What does seem to be happening though is getting the boxed set of all the Harry Potter European editions for Christmas from my mommy. You know, It really amazes me at all the junk I have on my iPod. I want MY laptop back so I can put more songs on it but no, my daddy has to be taking forever on getting me a new battery. Grrr. I just burped. I'm currently drinking sprite. Woot Woot for sprite. Okay, so I am re-reading EVERY SINGLE HARRY POTTER BOOK again because, well....I have no life outside of this house. Oh yeah, The new movie comes out in around 15 hours. I am totally fucking pissed that Natalia cut her hair for this new movie. I mean sure, The way she had it in Order of the Pheonix wasn't how it was described in the book but it was still pretty kick ass, and then she had to go and cut it in a kind of Carol Brady hair cut. and if you don't know what that is here it is: carol brady Pictures, Images and Photos See? That is not what J K had in mind when she was writing the books. Gah! I currently have to pee but I don't feel like it. So Chip and I have made this sorta pact where we talk to each other on the phone at least once a week and we haven't done that this week. Oh well, I'll inform him of this when we talk next. I really think that I should go to bed. So I will press publish post and give Josh and Cissy this link so they can read it and criticize it and have Josh Call it lame....Stupid boy with Australian Accent. That's right Josh, I just called you Stupid. Get over it. Later.

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